Mass Ceramic and Engineers are experts in heat treatment of steel and are providing muffle furnace, induction hardening, heat treatment process, annealing heat treatment, heat treatment equipment in Gujarat, India.



Laboratory Furnace

Coming with ergonomic design, these laboratory furnace by Mass Ceramic and Engineers are easy to install and operate. Just set your desired process temperature and the digital controller will heat and control your furnace automatically. Our furnace models are designed for applications such as ashing most types of organic and inorganic samples, ceramics firing and decorating, wax burn-out, copper enameling, mold heating, crucible melting of non-ferrous metals, assaying, and for determination of volatile and suspended solids. Our group of furnaces is insulated with thermal efficient material for cost and energy efficient operation. The outer case of is made of double walled thick PCRC sheet and duly painted with attractive stove enamel. Gap between the walls is insulated with special grade ceramic wool with high grade international standard heating elements arranged at the side of the furnace to give even temperature. + / -10°F temperature uniformity may be achieved with this heating element. For convenient access and viewing, furnace controls are mounted on front panel.