Mass Ceramic and Engineers are experts in heat treatment of steel and are providing muffle furnace, induction hardening, heat treatment process, annealing heat treatment, heat treatment equipment in Gujarat, India.



Technical Description


The outer casing of the equipment consists of substantial mild steel plate of welded construction, suitably reinforced with angle section at the front. The other side of the furnace consists of thick gauge sheet reinforce with heavy angle and channel and removable top cover.

At bottom wheel bogie travels on rails which is very much leveled and balanced. That to bogie can push in & pull out vary easily with help of geared motor. We will provide vertical door opening & closing system with counter balance supported by shaft bearing block and chain sprocket for easy operation.


All the mild steel parts will be given a rust preventing coating before giving a primer coating. The final outer finish of the equipment will be with heat resisting aluminum paints.


The inner most lining will be with grooved refractory & pipe containing high percentage of alumina & with low iron content, which will hold the heating elements. The cerawool insulation work will comprise of 9 cubic inch module.


The heating elements employed will be of kanthal A1 with sufficient wire helical wound spiral, They are designed to work at low surface loading in order to ensure a long service life. This will be supported by grooved refractory and pipe. The heating elements of suitable thickness are distributed in the heating chamber in such manner that there is uniformity of the temperature throughout the chamber.

The heat resisting steel terminals of the heating elements shall be taken out on the both side of the furnace on insulating syndanyo board. The high alumina tubes will be built in to the furnace lining through which the elements terminal shall be taken out. This totally eliminated the chance of sparking.


Digital microprocerror temperature indicating controller with automatic PID current output for Thyristorised digital firing module individual for each zone of suitable complete with thermocouple & compensating cable having control accuracy of 0.1% of the scale individual.